Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dearest Amma, Every year, Mother's Day comes and goes, and I call you and wish you for a few moments, but have I ever told you how much you mean to me, to all of us? In actual written words? Maybe not, but you do know that your daughters adore you, not only for what you are, but for what you have made them into! Life, as we were growing up, was a roller coaster, as we travelled from place to place with you and Achan, enjoying the hospitality of the Indian Army. Watching you as an Army wife taught us how to live life happily, and enjoy the wonders of the world, despite financial constraints. Life was never a matter of money, after all! When Achan passed away and you were left, a young widow, to take care of three daughters all on your own, we learnt the lessons of fortitude and of how to survive in a world that can be cruel at times. Despite all odds, you still made life fun for us, teaching us basic lessons, not through sermons but through practical and humorous ways. Luckily we all inherited your quirky sense of humour... Today, when we are all grown women, we look back on all that you have taught us, as we strive to hand over to our own children much of what you have given us - a sense of right and wrong, a heart that is compassionate sometimes to the point of no return, the miracle of seeing the world through deeply imbued rose coloured spectacles, and above all, the fierce determination to fight our own battles, and rise above them. If we have been able to give our little ones even a fraction of these amazing principles, I think we can be proud of ourselves. So today, on Mother's Day, and on every other day, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and say, "God could not be everywhere, but He created you to be there for us!" Age cannot wither you, not custom stale your infinite variety, and we love you for what you are, a precious blend of endearing traits, foibles and idiosyncrasies... and we would have it no other way, for if you were not the way you are, we would not be what we are today! We love you very, very much! Deepti Published by IDIVA ished by IDIVA

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