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She Came, She Saw, She Conquered...

There she sat, round-eyed, our little sparkle on top of the trolley, as her mother wheeled her out of the arrival lounge, where I sat, fidgeting around, waiting for them both to emerge. My heart skipped a beat when I saw them both, my daughter with a wide grin and the little one who sat, expressionless. Was that because she was exhausted after the long flight, or because she was filled with trepidation at the idea of seeing a whole lot of new faces? She was coming to India, after all.
It took our little sparkle just a couple of hours to realise that we were her own. Thereafter, she turned into a little whirlwind, talking nonstop with her own unique vocabulary that we soon learned to decipher. All we needed to do was to concentrate on the actual words and link them together amidst the rest of the babble.
Our little sparkle revealed this immense sense of joy within her which made her laugh out loud at the sight of every new wonder, be it her colourful chair and table, a drive in the car o…

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