Monday, August 24, 2020

The Readomania Book of Romance

Romance reigns in every walk of life, forming a kaleidoscope of shared memories and incandescent moments, unfulfilled love and second chances, along with old regrets wiped away.   

The Readomania Book of Romance offers a bouquet of love stories, each forming a radiant bead in a chain lit up by love. These stories are unique – they traverse a journey which claims romance in its purest form, where age, gender, religion, marital failure and regressive ideas are no barrier to the union of two hearts.

While Neel Pari, Star-Crossed, Twilight Beckons, Payasam and Samara touched with their poignancy, A Clean Slate and The Desires of Love delighted, employing literary quotes to create magic. However, it was A Little Ambiguity that stood out for me with its beautiful narrative and exquisite writing style.

A book to be savoured, whether one is a romantic or not!   

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Over A Samosa - Simple Tales, Simple Pleasures! Nithya Rajagopal

Nithya Rajagopal’s tales are as crunchy and as welcome as the samosa in the title of her book, short, crisp and palatable! They delight in their brevity, and yet, each tale leaves behind an emotion that is akin to a pleasant satiety.

What shines through in these tales is the fact that life is made up of simple joys, held together through stolen moments that make it perfect. Whether it is the strength of a baby girl who has withstood a storm, or the satisfaction on the smile on the face of a six-year-old girl; the camaraderie and banter between a well-adjusted couple or the travails of a mother trying to marry off her eligible son, all these thoughts blossom out through language that is spare, yet effective.

Sometimes, there is no looking back. Life moves on, despite personal tragedy, a love that repels or unfulfilled work issues, and in such cases, it is better to move on with it and find happiness in those flowers within reach. Besides, it is the quirky side that brings a smile, or allows a chill to travel down one’s spine. Who said that life had to be boring and mundane?

If I had to pick the tales that I enjoyed most, they would be ‘All Work and No Play’, ‘Chellayi’, ‘You and Me’ and ‘The Shelf’.

This is a book meant to drive the blues away; a delicious snack to be savoured along with a cup of steaming hot tea. Nithya Rajagopal could well be talking about her writing when she says, “When the roots are strong, the trees last for generations.”


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