Monday, July 12, 2010


The waves lap around the parent vessel
As it cuts its way
Through the azure carpet;
The little life boats tied to its sides
Are guided through the stormy waters
In a snug cocoon of protection
Against the swells that threaten
To engulf them!
The gentle mantle placed on them
Creates a halo in the ripples around,
Cushions their falls, every little bump
Makes them stronger!
The day arrives,
When each little life boat is cut adrift,
Sent on its way, to meet new challenges –
New dangers, in the world of chaos outside!
Each traces its own path
Through a sea of change, yet below the surface,
The lifelines stretch out,
Leaving room enough to move on,
But they remain tethered,
The invisible bonds under the surface,
And the age old links continue, unbroken.

Picture courtesy: Gopi Menon

1 comment:

  1. These lines impressed me -
    every little bump
    Makes them stronger!
    You have captured life like a picture!!


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