Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Deep Ties

Don’t we sometimes wish we could remain children
All our lives? Nestled under the wings of our parents?
Isn’t it ironic how they nurture us till we are able
To stand on our feet, then let us go, content;
Is it really worth it, showering love on a child
Who has to leave one day?
Is it worth the pain, the tears, the smiles, the joys,
The anguished hours of growing up
The lessons of defeat and triumph
That strike an echo in their hearts too?
Or is it that the very threat of separation
Gives sweet poignancy to the relationship,
Making the ties as delicate as cobwebs,
Yet, at the same time, strong enough
To withstand the ravages of nature?
Ties – unfathomably deep, the bonds of a lifetime!

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