Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Priyanka’s comments...

Reasons Why I Miss Home:
• •Her ‘pun’ny (sometimes awful) jokes, leaving Pa and me to look at each other and think, “What is wrong with her? Sigh!” But we still love her…”
• •Walking into the house screaming, “What’s for dinner todayyyy?”
• •Mama’s lecture on how I should learn to eat everything after I scrunch up my face hearing it’s either Bhindi Sabji or Korma curry!
• •During dinner, the first sentence is always, “How’s the chicken?” resulting in Papa and I rolling with laughter. We would both in unison say, “Excellent, excellent!!”
• •Telling her to stop being such a Face book addict and stop adding strangers to her profile. But according to her, the world is too good and human beings can do no harm!
• •Her late evening jaunts to the super market when she suddenly realizes there’s no bread or eggs or chillies in the house!
• •Her random cleaning sprees, which usually do not affect me. However, the words, “CLEAN YOUR ROOM!” usually made me see red!
• •All the food she used to cook for me
• •Her standing up for me against the whole world and getting criticized unnecessarily.
• •Seeing him on the laptop fiddling with his Flight Simulator like a little boy!
• •Him calling me to the kitchen to show me the meat and asking me how I wanted him to cook it!
• •Telling him to make his super duper mutton curry as spicy as humanly possible
• •Laughing through the tears after dinner because it was so spicy but thoroughly enjoying it
• •Him asking me every Sunday afternoon, “Beer piyega?”
• •Him supporting me every time when we decide to go out for lunch on Sunday despite Mama’s protests to try new places
• •His obsession to buy the best brands always, which I have definitely got from him
• •His innate passion and talent for photography, which I plan to take full advantage of the next time I go home
• •Sitting with him during the News, especially Arnab’s sessions, calling him ‘a bloody idiot’!
• •Asking him if he wants a ‘bit’ of my maggi and his eating three spoonfuls, leaving nothing for me!
• •Him always standing up for me and saying, “Tell them to deal with me. No one is going to mess with you!”


  1. Priyanku, I think this is so very sweet and apt! Love you,

  2. Thank you Deepti for commenting in my Blog...
    I am glad to have found your Blog through that...
    Can see your passion for writing and for your aethetic sense of appreciating good form of art...Wish you all the best always...

  3. Thanks a lot, Jayashree...
    I feel we share a common love for the language and a passion for writing... hope to keep in touch with you so that I can read all that you write and vice versa...


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