Thursday, July 31, 2014


Black, they say is beautiful! I say so too! If one were to juggle all the colours in the rainbow and shake them up together, one would get a perfect black. Not surprising that it is a colour that holds its own everywhere. Five black things which I would love to own? Here goes:
1. I would love to give my daughter a beautiful little black dress that would make her look like a million bucks! (Which she already does, by the way!)
2. I would really wish that I could gift my husband a pair of the smartest black shoes that exist, one that would make him walk tall and make him happy!

3. How about a really snazzy pair of trousers that are as black as night, and fall well as well? This time, for me!
4. A sleek black smart phone can never fail to thrill the cockles of the heart!
5. A chic black shirt for my husband who loves wearing black!
And I repeat, black is the culmination of all things beautiful.

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