Saturday, April 18, 2015

Optimism and Om Shanti Om!

There are days when the sun shines bright and all's right with the world! When folks walk around with smiles on their faces, and and expect to see a rainbow in the clear blue sky.

But when life seems gloomy and the sky is overcast, and everything seems to be going wrong, there is that one person who kicks up his heels and vows to smile, and make others smile as well. He is the eternal optimist, and a pleasure to be around.

Who is the perfectly happy man? There is a story that comes to mind about a king who, in spite of having everything in the world, was still not happy. Umpteen medicine men tried to bring a smile on his face, but failed. The king grew more and more morose, till finally one doctor examined him, and declared, "The king will be happy if he wears the shirt of a happy man!"

Messengers were sent across the land to look for a happy man. They searched high and low, but it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. There were men who appeared happy, but the moment they delved closer, they realized that these men too had their own problems. Finally, they espied a man who appeared genuinely happy. He laughed and smiled, and spread happiness around.

"Her's our man!" the messengers declared. They stopped him, even as he smiled at them, and said to him, "Please give us the shirt off your back. Our king needs it to be happy!"

The man laughed in sheer good humour, and they could not help smiling back at him.

"But good Sirs, I haven't a shirt on my back to give your king!" he said, his eyes twinkling. And that is when they realized the truth. This man who seemed to be the cheeriest soul on earth, did not even have a shirt he could call his own.

The king summoned the man and rewarded him  generously. "My dear friend, you have opened my eyes!" he said. "Happiness does not depend on material things, but on your own attitude!" He strove to be like the man without a shirt, and soon found that the world was a much better place.

There is a beautiful message going around on Whatsapp that talks about how to bring optimism and positivity into your lives. 

1. Open the windows and allow fresh air and sunshine in.

2. Declutter and throw out old unwanted things.

3. Leave your footwear outside, or at the entrance of your house so that negative energy does not enter the house.

4. Walk barefoot at home so that all your negative energy is absorbed by the earth.

5. Sweep away the negative energy with the dirt in your house.

6. Go for walks, and be alone with nature to re energize yourself.

7. Mop your floors with a fistful of rock salt mixed with water to remove every trace of negative energy. 

8. Soak your feet or bathe in water mixed with rock salt to cleanse your body of negative energy.

9. Let chants or prayers increase positive vibrations. Keep your house well lit, and your thoughts and speech free of negativity. Keep potted plants at home.

I have two points I would like to add here.

10. Be optimistic at all times, have faith in a higher power and confidence in yourself.

11. Do not harm others knowingly, for whatever you give will come back to you, or to your children, in some way or the other. 

Om Shanti Om


  1. Superb! I agree with every point. Love your post Deepti :)

    1. Thank you so much, Sundari! I love that you love my post! :)

  2. Interesting tips, Deepti.
    'Being optimistic' can really be a great driving force.

    1. Thank you ever so much! :) For me, optimism is the only driving force that runs my life, I feel! :)

  3. Somehow, I just knew you'd write about Optimism for O because you strike me as such an optimistic person. Great tips, and I loved the story too.

    1. Devika dear, I feel the same way about you! You too are a very optimistic person, always ready to help others! Thank you for all the encouragement! :) Bless you!

  4. such a powerful attitude! my dad always jokes, that he is so optimistic because his blood group is B+!! and however much we might be under the weather, being positive is THE way to be!! great post Deepti!

    1. Ah, I am B+ too! :) Thank you so much, little princess! Somehow, optimistic is the way to be, I always feel!

  5. Fabulous post, in todya's metarialistic world we need to keep that happiness and optimism need to be an attitude, it comes from within.

  6. Ruchi, thank you ever so much! Optimism is, indeed, an attitude that comes from within, and there are many people who have it! :)



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