Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Farmer's Cry!

Thank you, farmers, for everything you do!

                                                                    The crowd stood, cheering the leader on,
                                                                    In thousands, they spread, braving the sun,
                                                                    They had been there since the early morn
                                                                    Having got their work all done.

                                                                    The ground trembled with all the footsteps
                                                                    Even as the microphones roared,
                                                                    The smiling politicians and their reps
                                                                    Listened to their leader, so adored.

                                                                    Suddenly a buzz, a clamour arose;
                                                                    Eyes turned, the spectacle to behold,
                                                                    Lo! A turbaned man from the crowd rose
                                                                    Climbed up a tree, in a move so bold.

                                                                   A farmer in despair, with no hope ahead
                                                                   Had come to make a point at the political rally,
                                                                   A suicide note which was later read
                                                                   Told the heartrending story of this father of three.

                                                                   His father had thrown him out of his house
                                                                   As unseasonal rain had damaged his crops
                                                                   What did he have left, this nation to rouse
                                                                   Except the sight of his hanging corpse?

                                                                   And so even as he beat his breast, tried to plead,
                                                                   Vowing to kill himself, a desperate man,
                                                                   The leader continued to speak, paying no heed
                                                                   As the crowd gaped, disbelieving of the man's plan.

                                                                   Finally around his neck, he tied a white stole
                                                                   Tied the other end to the branch of the tree
                                                                   Then he jumped down, as he played his role
                                                                   Of despairing victim, as his soul flew free.

                                                                   The leader paused not, his speech still ran,
                                                                   The crowd muttered, a martyr had died, after all
                                                                   Some men climbed the tree to save the man,
                                                                   But alas, too late, he was beyond their call.

                                                                   Major parties saw this as a wonderful chance
                                                                   To gain publicity and shift the blame
                                                                   Over the corpse would they gladly dance
                                                                   Everything could be turned into a political game!

                                                                   "Men many come, and men may go"
                                                                   Martyrs will rise, fall over the firing line.
                                                                   When will we ever end this farcical show?
                                                                   When will our nation ever rise and shine?

                                                                   WILL OUR NATION EVER RISE AND SHINE?




  1. Truly heart-rending incident. Your post is a perfect ode Deepti :(

    1. Sundari, I watched this incident on TV yesterday and my heart went out to the poor man, who tried so hard to get some attention in the midst of a huge crowd. Not only was he ignored, but the AAP leader didn't even stop his speech! It was heartrending! :( Thank you for the compliment, and this ode came straight from my heart!

  2. Yes, it's sad.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thank you for going through my poem, Arlee Bird! It is heartrending!

  3. Wow, what a powerful poem! Farmers are underrated, but where on earth would we be without them?! A must share!

  4. Devika, thank you so much! I agree with you! Farmers are underrated, when they actually need to be encouraged and respected! I wish this anomaly could be set right! I wish...


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