Monday, June 5, 2017

His Christmas Delight

A Tale Like Summer Rain

When a writer with such a beautiful name as Summer(ita) Rhayne sets out to write a romance, she cannot but put her whole heart into it. So this little saga drizzles down on the readers’ sensibilities like summer rain, as gently and as softly.
There is a hint of mischief right at the start, when the slender, pixie-featured Myra,  sets out to help her dear friend, Chef Tonya, to purloin the Revengers Miniature Hologram game for her son, Toby, from no less than Santa himself.
It is at that moment that a figure from her past materializes. Jay Tolliver, the once gangly lad, and the smartest boy in their set, has returned to help his brother, Dan, to revive his toy store and restore the spirit of Christmas. His experiences have obviously made him older and wiser.
What is the baggage that the beleaguered Jay carries deep within his soul? What is the connection between him, the late Pete and the beautiful Myra? When he meets her after four years, why does he shy away from her friendship, even though they are attracted to each other?   
Summerita creates flesh and blood characters who are, thankfully, not perfect, but men and women who have been scarred by life. They are wary of love and run away from it. They are real people with ambitions within their heart, locked away because they have been made to feel inadequate by their loved ones. It is easy to empathize with them, even as the heart feels for them, and for their grief.
Finally, when love blooms, it is indeed, a Christmas delight which leaves the reader feeling warm and joyful.
In a world that has its own troubles, a sweet little romance like this “shines like a good deed in a weary world”.

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