Friday, December 22, 2017

Twisted - Shravya Gunipudi

“Imagination is just distorted reality.”
Shravya Gunipudi

‘Twisted’ captures the reader’s imagination from the first page of its prologue itself. Ria, the attractive protagonist, is involved in an accident that leaves her a trifle confused about her life and the people populating it. She begins seeing visions which leave her even more confused as repressed memories of childhood spring up.

“Somehow, after the accident, it feels like all my memory is there, but it has been jolted out of its place. The bits of memory are floating around in my head and it is up to me to put each part back where it belongs.”

Ria’s son, Dhruv, means the world to her. However, she is not as sure about her husband, Jay, whom she addressed by another name after the accident – Anuj. As visions assail her, the intensity of her emotions haunts her. Her psychiatrist, Lekha, and her close friend, Sanjana, try and get the missing bits of her memory back. When she meets her neighbour, Tanmay, she is further shocked and unsettled. Many interesting characters populate the pages of Shravya Gunipudi’s thrilling book – Uncle Raghu, Aunty Haritha and Sheela, Gaurav and of course, Jhansi, Ria’s exquisite sister.

Jhansi tries to reconcile Ria with her father, the father who left her alone with her mother, and moved away so that he could take care of the former. There are many hidden resentments within Ria’s heart at his so-called betrayal. Her mother’s words resonate in her heart.
“Sometimes we are so consumed by hatred that we forget how to love.”

What are the secrets that have turned Ria’s life into a mystery? What is the connection between Lekha, Tanmay, Anuj and Jay? Why does everyone around her try and protect her from the truth of her past? Who is the mysterious Gaurav and how is he involved in the whole web that has been spun around her? Why does her dead mother make sudden, whimsical appearances before her? 

‘Twisted’ tells a tale that keeps the reader on tenterhooks, as it takes a winding path that has a shock at every turn. Shravya Gunipudi’s style of narration is masterly especially since a plot, so psychological and convoluted, could have confused the readers out of their wits. Instead, it has clearly defined guideposts that aid them on.

For those that love psychological thrillers, this is a masterpiece. As it is for those who enjoy a good story!


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